Alternative to Health Action Plans

1.  Explain what an action plan is. (3-5 sentences) Research if you need to but give credit to your source.

2.  What are the parts of a good action plan? (There should be at least 5)

3.  Explain why it would be a good idea to make an action plan if we want to improve our health? (2-3 sentences)

4.  Name 5 ways a young person could improve their health using a health action plan. (5 points)

Answer in a blog post on your blog using the same title.

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Photography Project

For some of you this will be easy and for some of you it will be a challenge! One thing is for sure, wherever we are starting from there is always room for improvement.  We are going to learn about 5 basic photography shots:

  • close-up
  • wide shot
  • mid-shot
  • long shot
  • point of view
  • your choice (one not listed above)

Once we figure out what the different shots are, we will do our best to take some pictures and try to get some good examples of each type of shot.  What we are aiming for is a photo story that tells us about the different types of shots and gives examples of each shot.

All the photos should be your own pictures and be sure to give credit to the sources you use for your information.

Some websites you might want to use for your information are:

You may choose any slide show or photo story tool you would like to show your finished photos and information.  Your finished product should be linked to your blog.

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Photography Terms

Define each of the following terms in your own words and use an example where possible.

 Make sure you provide sources for your information.

  • exposure
  • aperture
  • flash
  • depth of field
  • focus
  • ISO number
  • lens
  • shutter speed
  • white balance


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Personal Employability Skills


Consider the 11 skill groups set aside by The Conference Board of Canada.

For each of the skill groups reflect on the following using the specific skills listed for each category:

  • What have I done to develop this skill group so far?
  • What parts do I still need to work on?

Fundamental Skills

  • Communicate
  • Manage information
  • Use numbers
  • Think and solve problems

Personal Management Skills

  • Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors
  • Be responsible
  • Be adaptable
  • Learn continuously
  • Work safely

Teamwork Skills

  • Work with each other
  • Participate in projects and tasks
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PAA- Chopped Pleasantdale

Today we are going to start the planning for our own version of Chopped Pleasantdale.  We will be working in random groups of 3 to plan, prepare and serve the best entrée using the required menu items.




Step 1– Make groups

Step 2– Choose a recipe using the following ingredients:

  • Ground beef
  • fresh garlic
  • cheese (type of your choice)
  • noodles (type of your choice)
  • You may use any other ingredients of your choice

You may use one of the following websites that will let you enter ingredients and it will generate possible recipes.

Step 3– Print out a copy of your recipe for Mrs. Smart.



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Part 1- Research 3 organizations within our community that require volunteers to help their organizations be successful.

For each find out the following:

1.  What are the goals of the organization?

2. Who do they help in the community?

3.  How can volunteers help out?

Part 2-Promoting Volunteerism

Choose one of the organizations you have researched and are interested in.  You will be promoting the organization and their need for volunteers.  You might want to consider the following:

1.  What does the organization do?

2.  Why is that important?

3.  Who benefits from the organization?

4.  Why do they need volunteers?

5.  How can you encourage people to volunteer for the important work the organization does?

You will be creating a poster-digital or paper, a pamphlet we can hand out or a video.  This is an individual activity, but you can use others to help you if you need.


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Leaving Your Mark

1.  If you could do one thing in this school or in this community that would leave a positive mark, what would it be?

2. What steps would you need to take? (Be realistic)

3.  Why is it important for people to take positive action?  Why do you think your plan would be an important action?


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